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  • Profitability and Cost Management in the Cloud: Providing Needed Reporting and Analytics of Business Performance Webinar

    Watch our webinar as we showcase a presentation delivered at Kscope 18. Our speaker, Cullen Caballero, will present how Kavo Kerr implemented and is leveraging Oracle™ Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Service® (PCMCS).KaVo Kerr is a cohesive organization comprised of two global leaders united to provide dental excellence and serve as a single premier partner for the dental community. Due to attributes of our General Ledger, KaVo Kerr could not previously complete revenue reporti...

  • Analyze Your Oracle EPBCS and PBCS Data Live with Oracle Analytics Cloud

    Would you like to perform real-time deep analysis and reporting of your Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) or Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) application without the need to export the data to your Data Warehouse or other analytical tool? Would your Finance team like to extend their reporting capabilities beyond budgets and forecasts and integrate other data sources? Watch our webinar as we review how to leverage Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) to enable...

  • How to Migrate 260+ Users to the Cloud with PBCS and EPRCS

    Watch our webinar as we showcase how Panduit and over 260 users migrated an on premise operational planning, financial reporting and allocations solution to the cloud in just weeks. Hear how, through our migration methodology, the power and speed of the cloud reduced calculation times from 1-2 minutes to a few seconds. We will also review how they are using Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud for financial and management reporting.Learn how:A systematic approach supported moving 260 users to ...

  • Project Financial Planning in Oracle EPBCS

    Would you like a full project view, both internal and external of projects including approvals and expenditures? Would you like to improve your ability to plan project details and facilitate project planning?Watch our webinar as we take a look at the Projects module of Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) and how it provides revenue modeling for contract projects, driver-based models for expenses, and needed analysis with built-in reports and metrics. Our speaker review...

  • Pod-to-Pod Data Integration in Oracle EPM Cloud

    Would you like to move data from one Cloud instance to another? Did you know you can leverage Data Management to move data between Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS), Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) and Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS)?Watch our webinar and learn how to streamline data movement from any Oracle EPM Cloud application. Our speaker reviews what Pod-to-Pod integration can do for your organization, as well as details...

  • Migrating On-Premise Planning to the Oracle Cloud

    Would you like to move your Hyperion Planning environment to the Cloud? Are you still using spreadsheets for financial planning and forecasting? The Cloud is attractive for any organization- no initial upfront cost for hardware or software, less IT involvement, and no annual maintenance costs.

  • Demonstration of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

    How many ways does your organization analyze data using spreadsheets and various software tools? Are you meeting decision maker’s demands of insight, speed and visualization? Would you like a solution that delivers correct and consistent results and is organized with easier access to all data sources for improved decision making? Watch our webinar as we review Oracle Analytics Cloud Service Enterprise Edition (OAC), a single platform that empowers your organization to ask any question...

  • Demonstration: Oracle EPBCS Capital Asset Planning

    Would you like to be manage new capital investments using case-specific methods, proper cash flow planning, and buy versus lease comparisons? Would you like to improve the management of exiting asset-related expenses such as repairs and insurance? Are you able to plan new and existing intangibles, including amortization and cash flow planning in an accurate & efficient manner?Watch a replay of our webinar as we take a look at the Capital Asset Planning module of Oracle Enterprise Planning an...

  • Oracle EPBCS: Workforce Planning

    Does your company struggle with unreadable spreadsheets that track employee headcount and related workforce expenses? Did you know that Oracle offers an Enterprise version of the Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) that uses several dynamic dashboards and reports to help your company meet strategic initiatives which is easily readable by your HR and FP&A teams and ready to scale to any size organization?Watch our webinar as we take a look at the Workforce Planning module of Oracle E...

  • Data Integration Options for Oracle EPBCS, PBCS, and FCCS- Webinar Part 1

    Would you like to have more options with data integration and automation within Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS), Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) and Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS)? Watch Deanna Sunde, Oracle ACE, as she explores data integration options for EPBCS, PBCS and FCCS.Part 1 of the 2 part series covers importing and exporting metadata and related use cases (including migrating from on premise), importing and exporting d...

  • Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS): Watch a Demonstration

    Do you have a scalable, systematic application to support your business close and statutory reporting requirements? Would you like to accelerate your close cycle and increase analysis? Watch the webinar and develop a case for adopting Oracle Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS), an out-of-the-box solution for effectively and efficiently managing the consolidation and close process. Hear how FCCS can lower the cost of compliance and reduce the burden and resource constraints on Accou...

  • Demonstration of Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS)

    If you are still using spreadsheets for financial planning and forecasting, are you… Tired of the late nights? Broken formulas and macros? Embarrassing errors?

  • Oracle EPM Automate: Tips and Tricks

    Interested in reducing the time spent in your data loading and export processes? The EPM Automate utility can help you do just that and much more within the context of Oracle Cloud! Join Noah Neal on this webinar replay as he presents his session held at both Collaborate and Kscope. Learn how this tool works and can be used for automating processes to save time in day-to-day business activities.

  • Oracle EPBCS: How to Leverage Strategic Modeling

    Would you like to move beyond tactical financial planning to long range target setting? Can you quickly perform what-if scenario modeling? Are you still doing financial modeling and impact analysis in spreadsheets?Advanced financial models reveal the impacts of strategic decisions on an organization’s bottom line, balance sheet, cash flow, and shareholder value.

  • Public Sector: Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)

    Public sector finance managers face increased pressure to manage their complex planning and budgeting processes in order to achieve the organization’s financial goals.  However, public sector organizations face many challenges during the budget year.  These challenges impact the budget development process and make it difficult to deliver a timely and effective budget without a significant burden on the organization’s executives and budget management team.In order to meet th...

  • Mastering MDX for Analytics and Reporting

    MDX is often used in ASO cube member formulas, but did you know you can also use MDX to write reports and Smart View queries? Did you know that these reports and queries can be written against both BSO and ASO cubes? MDX can seem daunting, but with a basic understanding of syntax and functions, MDX is not that difficult. Watch the webinar and learn what you need to get started writing MDX reports and queries that can supplement your reporting and add a new tool to your reporting tool set.Pr...

  • How to Look Smarter with Oracle Smart View

    Are you an executive or business leader that is not receiving the information you need to guide your business and help make decisions?Are you an analyst that needs to efficiently present your discoveries in the right format to support management and business partners?Do you want to stop the monotonous daily job of constantly updating reports?If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this webinar is for you! Watch the taped session and learn how to move from spending too m...

  • OBIEE: How to Expand and Improve Reporting in Hyperion Planning and Essbase

    Do you need more robust dashboarding options than what is currently provided in Hyperion (Web Analysis)? Would you like to combine your valuable Essbase data with the rest of your data stores to drive more informed decisions in your organization? Wouldn't it be nice to have one consolidated report from all your valuable data assets?Watch our webinar showcasing how you can improve your reporting and obtain information from multiple source systems simply by leveraging Oracle Business Intellige...

  • Why Your Budgeting Practice is Killing Your Bottom Line

    Do you have your budget wrong?You just spent hundreds (or more!) of hours running the annual budget process. It was painful. But, if you aren’t using the right budgeting models, the rest of the year could be worse.

  • Driver Based Rolling Forecasts, Simplified in Oracle Hyperion Planning

    Want a monthly rolling forecast, but believe there is a lot of effort required to enter all of the data? Watch this webinar and hear from Deanna Sunde, Oracle Ace Associate, as she shares how companies are implementing a rolling forecast through the use of drivers to streamline the effort. She demonstrates how a handful or drivers are used, along with historical data and trending methods, to populate the rolling forecast. This provides more time for analysis- which every company desires.

  • Why Hyperion Administration Managed Services Are Right for Your Organization

    Do what you do best, let us do what we do best! Are your Oracle® Hyperion™ applications properly maintained by qualified and well-trained administrators? Are you getting the prompt support & answers that you expect for your important work? Would you be able to continue to deliver the mission-critical needs of the business from your Oracle Hyperion systems if your administrators were unavailable or the system went down?You depend on your Oracle Hyperion products to deliver miss...

  • Oracle FCCS: Is a Consolidation & Close Cloud application right for your business?

    Everyone is talking about moving their applications to the Cloud. To continue the drive toward cloud-based applications, Oracle® released Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service™ (FCCS), specifically designed to support the financial close and consolidation processes, and perhaps FCCS is right for your business. Scott Costello, Director of EPM, reviews the features and capabilities of FCCS.

  • Oracle Hyperion Planning Approvals- Out of the Box and Other Custom- Built Methods

    Watch Deanna Sunde, Oracle ACE Associate, as she demonstrates the Hyperion Planning Approval Process. Deanna shares its functionality and compares and contrasts it to the previous Workflow functionality. The steps to setup the Approval Process is shown, including using the upload utility and related security settings.

  • Oracle Data Integrator 12c: Export and Import Options

    Oracle Data Integrator 12c delivers unique next-generation, Extract Load and Transform (E-LT) technology that improves performance and reduces data integration costs – even across heterogeneous systems. Watch and learn the business benefits of ODI, including streamlining daily business operations and reducing time-to-market for new products and services. Our speaker, Jayjay Gutierrez, also reviews the pros and cons of three different ways to complete exports and imports:Individual Export/I...

  • All About EPMA: From Set Up to Tips and Tricks

    The classic method of building Essbase, Hyperion Planning, and Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) applications can be unwieldly. How is your process for building hierarchies? Is it time consuming and difficult to maintain?

  • Ready. Set. Cloud! Migrating from On Premise to Oracle PBCS

    Featured at Collaborate 16: “Ready. Set. Cloud!

  • Oracle Financial Data Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE)

    Are you interested in enhancing your internal controls and reporting processes? Do you currently utilize FDM Classic and are thinking of upgrading to FDMEE? Replay our webinar as we review Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition™ (FDMEE).

  • Oracle Smart View: New Features and Advanced Techniques

    Do you know about all the new features and advances Oracle has released with Smart View? Watch the webinar as we provide an update needed by anyone leveraging Hyperion Planning (including Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service), Hyperion Financial Management, Essbase, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, and Hyperion Workforce Planning for ad-hoc and free form analysis and data access from relationship and multi-dimensional sources. Learn about new key new features since the r...

  • On-premise Migration to the Cloud, plus the latest Oracle PBCS Enhancements

    Watch the recorded webinar and hear why organizations are moving their on-premise Oracle planning applications to the Cloud.  Scott Costello will share how organizations have leveraged Oracle’s® Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service™ (PBCS) to: Develop Workforce Planning & Operating Expenses with connectivity back to HFM Replace antiquated Financial Reporting solution Improve Financial Consolidations and Reporting Plus, as the leading implementer of PBCS, Scott will provide an update on ...

  • Oracle HPCM: How to Identify Your True Cost and Profit Drivers

    The need to know where the business is profitable- and where it’s not- is no longer a quarterly or monthly exercise.  Finance organizations need daily, accurate insight into the cost and profitability of customers and products in order to identify the true cost and profit drivers.  An effective cost and profitability system can help you answer these questions today and improve your performance tomorrow. If your organization depends on an Excel-based allocation model and requires busine...

  • How to Leverage Account Reconciliation Arm (ARM)

    Account Reconciliation Manager™ (ARM) helps companies reduce risk by providing real-time visibility and ensures accuracy in reconciliations. It is a module included within Oracle® Hyperion Financial Close Management Suite™ that improves data access, data quality and eases regulatory compliance.View this webinar, presented by Cullen Caballero, and learn how companies are optimizing performance by automating reconciliation tasks and supporting risk-based reconciliation cycles. Cullen shares how th...

  • Innovative Cloud Technologies to Optimize Business Processes

    Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (Hyperion) team and Key Performance Ideas invites you to view a Cloud focused webinar that covers some key topics related to Cloud and case studies, including: Diono, CTDI, Competitor Group, and Western Alliance Bancorporation ; And how they have leveraged the cloud for Financial and Sales Forecasting, Sensitivity Modeling, M&A Planning and insight into Profitability by products, customers, and geographies.    Plus, hear how the Cl...

  • How to Leverage MDX to Automate and Streamline Your Reporting Processes

    ASO is the standard for analytical cubes. Therefore, an understanding of MDX (Multidimensional Expressions) is necessary to maintain outlines and maximize the capabilities of your ASO cube. However, MDX is unlike any other programming language and therefore may be difficult, and sometimes, daunting.This webinar focuses on the syntax of MDX and common functions, as well as more advanced topics such as nesting and combining functions to achieve more complex calculations.

  • Oracle PBCS: Enhancements, Updated User Interface, and Seamless Data Automation!

    Oracle's® Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service™ (PBCS) was released just 12 months ago. If you are thinking about pursuing PBCS as a solution, or have implemented PBCS, this webinar is for you!As one of the nation’s leaders of PBCS - we had the first go-live implementation and have a dozen more going live - let us keep you “in the know” on what PBCS can do for your organization. Replay his webinar, presented by Scott Costello, and learn how organizations of varying sizes, from across the US, and...

  • Diono Leverages Oracle PBCS for Financial Planning... and Sales Forecasting!

    Diono, a world leading manufacturer of car seats, convertible/boosters and travel accessories, recently implemented Oracle's EPM cloud-based application, Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS). Not only was it one of the nation's first successful go-lives of PBCS, it is a financial planning and sales forecasting success! Join Emily Baird, Senior Accountant of Diono, and Scott Costello, Director of KPI, for this webinar and hear how Diono implemented PBCS with the appropriate dimensionality a...

  • Antech Diagnostics - Success in Essbase with 2 Billion Record Lab Data

    Did you miss the session Antech Diagnostics – Success in Essbase™ with 2 Billion Record Lab Database at Collaborate14? If your organization produces high-volume transactional data, web, or call activity and needs to better analyze this operational data, this webinar is for you! On April 8 at Collaborate, Antech’s David Decker and Key Performance Ideas' Daniel Poon shared how Antech, a diagnostic services provider for more than 19,000 animal hospitals throughout North America, built a robust plat...

  • Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service

    Oracle's® Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service™ (PBCS) is Oracle’s first EPM cloud-based application available to customers in a software as a service (SaaS) deployment model. It provides a flexible planning and budgeting application that's ready for the Cloud. PBCS includes all the world class budgeting and forecasting features, reporting, and data management capabilities that are used today in Hyperion Planning.View the webinar and learn what PBCS provides including the specific capabilities o...

  • Oracle Hyperion Planning 11 Approvals Tips and Techniques

    Did you know you can now promote your Oracle® Hyperion Planning™ budget based on additional dimensions? Do you have a Sales Plan by Customer that needs to be approved before the annual operating plan can begin? Wouldn't it be nice to have a validation check on the data a user has entered prior to submission? 

    View Webinar

  • Oracle Hyperion Planning Predictive Planning v11.1.2.3

    Oracle Hyperion Planning Predictive Planning in v11.1.2.3 is now available. Is your company leveraging this great simulation, forecasting and risk analysis tool? View our webinar and find the hidden gem many are not using today to provide planners an improved ability to predict performance based on historical data.Our speaker, Ed Apuy, reviews how Predictive Planning integrates with Smart Viewand Hyperion Strategic Finance and shows how you can use this Excel-based easy-to-learn tool.

    Read More: Oracle Hyperion Planning Predictive Planning v11.1.2.3

  • Practical Essbase Web Services

    Listen to Jason Jones re-broadcast his 2013 Kscope session, Practical Essbase Web Services from the convenience of your office! This session provides an excellent overview of all the programmatic ways of retrieving your Essbase data and metadata. Jason will also help you identify how the new Essbase Web Services technology fits within your organization. Essbase Web Services, a new feature of the most recent release, is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that opens up the possibility of using additional programming languages to interface with Essbase and exposes Essbase user and administrative functionality, allowing Essbase to be easily integrated with both Oracle and third-party applications. View the taped session and learn about the advantages of the new feature, including connectivity options. Plus, experience a sample walkthrough of Essbase Web Services presented by Jason Jones.

    Name: Practical Essbase Web Services

    Read more: Practical Essbase Web Services


    By now, you have probably heard that Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) is a great tool for moving data within your architecture. It provides a standardized, best practice, and robust architecture that can replace existing data movement processes. But have you heard how other organizations are using this unique next-generation Extract Load and Transform (ETL) technology to improve performance and reduce data integration costs? View this webinar to hear a success story of an ODI implementation at a leading health services company. Our speaker, Jason Jones, shares real-world experiences on how the company is leveraging ODI to support enterprise data integration and utilizing knowledge modules to optimize developer productivity and extensibility, replacing complex and inefficient legacy processes. Plus, this Webinar showcases how to:

    • Maximize the capacity of existing servers
    • Move data to and from text files, relational tables, Hyperion Essbase (including Planning), and more
    • Use Knowledge Modules to align ETL processes with Best Practices
    • Easily view the status of all jobs
    • Program automated email alerts for failed jobs
    • Leverage logical topologies and provide seamless and easy switching between development, QA, and production environments without duplicating effort

    Plus, hear how the built-in logging features replace verbose “boilerplate” code and ad-hoc methods for measuring job performance and how extensive scheduling options can create an optimal job schedule.

    Name: Oracle Data Integrator: A Success Story

    Read more: Oracle Data Integrator

  • Change Management Optimization

    Resistance to “change” has been cited as the #1 reason why system implementation and transformation efforts fail. However, by evaluating your current environment and designing a comprehensive future-state solution, you can optimize your technology investments, meet the needs of your users, and ensure your organization is ready for change.

    Process Engineering and Change Engagement activities, including current-state business process documentation, technology inventory, integrated process and system definitions, and proper change management planning, can deliver significant benefits:

    • Gain operational efficiencies, reduce cycle times, minimize manual efforts and leverage technology to the fullest extent possible, leading to higher ROI from system implementations
    • Improve resource productivity and focus time on value-added activities such as performance analysis and being a better business partnering
    • Identify challenges and pain points before making system changes e.g., eliminate migrating current issues into new and improved systems
    • Develop a strategic roadmap for future changes to ensure priorities and business needs are always key drivers of change, and in the right order
    • Provide a clear interface/liaison between key business and technology resources
    • Prepare for process, organization and system changes; ensure the organization and leadership are ready, committed and excited for the changes

    View the taped session and learn how to move from saying ‘we need to be more strategic’ to actually doing so and reaping the rewards. Adam Sheinkopf, Process Engineering and Change Engagement Practice Director, shared how to:

    • Move from a typical technology-focused approach to integrated people, process, technology and change-focused approach
    • Identify key user and process activities throughout each phase of the approach: from assessment to continuous improvement
    • Leverage an 8-Step Change Management approach that is proven to drive change successfully
    • Plus, Adam presents an illustrative project example with details on user activities and how to establish “demand” or the desire to attend training and a positive change attitude.

    Name: Is your organization resisting process and/or system changes and limiting your success?

    Read more: Is Your Organization Resisting Process and/or System Changes and Therefore Limiting Your Operational Success?


    What is your disaster recovery plan? Whether natural or man-made, disasters can be protected by developing a plan that will minimize the disruption of your business operations and ensure organizational stability. Some organizations believe a simple tape back-up can protect their organization. However, do you back-up at a different location in case of a natural disaster such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes or blizzards? Have you considered making a backup registry? And, most important, are you properly stopping services, databases and EPM, while backups occur and shutting down the application correctly to protect shared services security?

    • Steps to disaster recovery planning, including completing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
    • Types of disaster recovery strategies and how to find the right strategy for your organization
    • How to leverage a disaster recovery solution for additional value-add, including routine system testing, patch loading and version upgrading.

    Name: Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Hyperion Systems

    Read more: Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Oracle Hyperion Systems


    If you think your organization does not have the resources to implement Oracle® Hyperion Planning™, think again! PLANtastic is an all-inclusive entry into a complete, enterprise planning solution for one low monthly price without a significant up front cost.

    View the taped session and learn how to:

    • Move from an Excel focused environment to a scalable, systematic solution
    • Optimize your planning processes while reducing capital outlay
    • Avoid the effort associated with the procurement, deployment, configuration of hardware
    • Utilize on-shore, Oracle certified, and remote Hyperion application administrators to avert the need to hire and train in-house personnel
    • Reduce operating costs, improve ROI, and manage cashflow

    Name: PLANtastic℠- Hosted Hyperion Planning in the Cloud

    Read more: PLANtastic℠ - Hosted Hyperion Planning in the Cloud


    View the taped session and learn what’s new in release across Hyperion Planning™ and Hyperion Financial Management™ (HFM) suites, as well as Essbase™ and Essbase Studio™. Plus, hear how Oracle’ Exalytics In-Memory Machine is reducing cycle times across major financial process and providing huge gains in response time. This session will also review:

    • Project Financial Planning pre-built module & functionality
    • Hyperion Strategic Finance integration with Planning
    • Predictive Planning through built-in statistical forecasting
    • New Account Reconciliation Manager in HFM designed to streamline work-flow driven processes
    • How Oracle Financial Management Analytics leverages OBIEE
    • Updates to Disclosure Management

    Name: What’s New in EPM

    Read more: What’s New in EPM


    View the taped session and learn how to implement a world-class Data Governance and Financial Master Data Management program using Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management. The end result will be a key interest to your finance users, IT, SOX and your CFO. Explore how Fortune 500 companies have recently implemented a successful Finance-driven Data Governance program, presented an effective strategy to deal with Enterprise Master Data Management challenges; and demonstrated how Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management can be implemented successfully.

    Name: Advanced Financial Master Data Management and Oracle® Hyperion Data Relationship Management™

    Read more: Advanced Financial MDM & Oracle® Hyperion DRM™ Webinar

  • SMART VIEW™ v11.1.2: New Features

    Name: Smart View™ v11.1.2: New Features & Now Users Can Really Replace the Excel Add-In!
    Description: The latest version of Oracle® Smart View can FINALLY replace the Excel Add-In for ad-hoc analysis. View the taped webinar and learn how v11.1.2 introduces innovative features to improve efficiency, such as:

    • View aliases and member names together, in the same row
    • Retrieve a range of cells and create multiple grids on one worksheet that can connect to different Essbase data sources
    • Display dimensions on grid without POV toolbar

    Plus, see a demonstration of the new enhancements now available!

    Read more: Smart View™ Webinar

  • Leveraging Oracle Data Integrator Within Your Hyperion Environment

    Name: Leveraging Oracle Data Integrator Within Your Hyperion Environment
    Description:  Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) allows for metadata and data loading into Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) applications including the Hyperion Planning and Hyperion Financial Management suites of products. This webinar will provide a review of ODI and how it sits on Oracle's Fusion middleware and acts as an ETL tool for connectivity into all major relational databases. Plus, learn how to make your ODI architecture Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliant.

    Read more: ODI Webinar

  • Oracle Life Cycle Management (LCM)

    Name: Leveraging Oracle Life Cycle Management Within Your Hyperion Environment
    Description: Oracle has introduced a new feature to Shared Services in their Hyperion EPM suite which allows you to efficiently import or export whole applications or a subset of the components.  Come join us and learn how Life Cycle Management (LCM) provides this new functionality.
    Application: EPM

    Read more: LCM Webinar

  • OBIEE and Essbase New Synergies

    Name: Essbase: Beyond Finance & New Synergy with OBIEE+
    Description: Oracle® Essbase™ has been a staple for Finance organizations for years.  But did you know that it can also be extended to drive additional calculations, scenarios, and analysis for Sales, Operations, HR, Procurement and Supply Chain, and other functions in very high volume situations?  Plus, did you know that Oracle™ Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus® can be leveraged with your Hyperion™ applications to provide intuitive and easy to read reports?
    Application: Essbase

    Read more: OBIEE Webinar

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