How to Create a Never Expire Password Using EPM Automate for Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) and PBCS

Ever have issues where EPM Automate failed due to an expired password? This blog will walk through how to create a password that never expires for a system user which then can be used in EPM Automate. Therefore, eliminating password expiration issues during EPM Automate.

Begin by accessing the EPBCS or PBCS environment.

Access the “Navigator” and under “Tools”, click on “Migration”.

Download the “Artifact Snapshot” by clicking on “Snapshots” tab and select “Artifact Snapshot”. Click on “Actions” and then click on “Download”. A zip file will be downloaded to the computer.

Unzip the downloaded “Artifact Snapshot” zip file. Click on HSS-Shared Services\resource\External Directory folder.

Open the Users.csv file and add a system user at the end of the file, in the same format as the existing users (First Name, Last Name, Email, User Login). The system user does not have to be real users with real email addresses.

Go to the Roles folder.

Open the planning Service Administrator.csv file and add user to the end of the file, in the same format as the existing users (First Name, Last Name, Email, User Login). This should be the same as added in the Users.csv file.

Zip the snapshot and use EPM Automate commands to import the snapshot using the credentials of an Identity Domain Administrator.

Example of the EPM Automate Import script:

  • call epmautomate login
  • call epmautomate uploadfile Artifact
  • call epmautomate importsnapshot “Artifact Snapshot” userPassword=Password1 resetPassword=false
  • call epmautomate logout

When calling the epmautomate import snapshot, indicate the userPassword for the system admin and set “false” for the resetPassword parameter. After automation is completed for the import snapshot, the system admin password will never expire, and the password can also be encrypted via EPM automate.

Blog post by Jenny Wang of Key Performance Ideas.





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