Why Your Budgeting Practice is Killing Your Bottom Line

Webinar: January 31st 

You just spent hundreds (or more!) of hours running the annual budget process. It was painful. But, if you aren’t using the right budgeting models, the rest of the year could be worse. If you don’t utilize the right budgeting practices, you will not be able to understand why expense levels are where they are and you probably won’t feel comfortable making decisions based on interim cost information in the middle of the plan year.

Join us for our January webinar as we review the four budgeting models – Predictive Planning, Rolling Forecast-Based Budgeting, Driver-Based Budgeting, and Zero-Based Budgeting – and outline which technique is best based on your particular business unit cost structure, product complexity, and market growth and volatility.

Scott Costello, our speaker, will showcase which budgeting practices work best across different businesses and functions, as well as how to improve your organization’s intelligence regarding ‘costs’ to:

  • Provide continuous visibility at the corporate center into current cost information
  • Improve spending decisions that affect the future
  • Understand cost relationship and make impartial mid-year resource allocation decisions

Date: January 31, 2017
Time: 2pm ET, 1pmCT, 11amPT
Location: Convenience of your office

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