Innovation through Improvements in Planning and Forecasting with Hyperion Planning This company is leading the charge to architecting the new network. They offer products and technologies that run the world’s largest and most demanding networks today, enabling their customers to create value and accelerate business success within the new, rapidly changing global marketplace. Their customers include the top 130 global service providers, 96 of the Global Fortune 100, as well as hundreds of federal, state and local government agencies and higher education organizations throughout the world. As a pure play, high-performance networking company, this company is fostering a broad ecosystem of innovation across the network.

As a world leader in innovation, this company’s financial organization began an initiative in 2010 to align their processes with management vision, eliminate redundancies, and focus on their people and process. A long-term Oracle® Hyperion™ user, the financial organization had upgraded their system from Pillar™ to Hyperion Planning™ and wanted to take advantage of additional improvements from recent releases in both functionality and system performance. The company also turned to its long-term business partner, Key Performance Ideas, a leader in Oracle Hyperion software and related technologies. Key themes for the initiative included:

  • Prioritize areas of improvement
  • Pick higher value/lower controversy first
  • Engage leadership to set tone and direction
  • Upgrade Hyperion and provide material relief
  • Define critical roles, expectations, and systems
  • Engage Controllers and Financial Analysts in a continuous closed-loop manner

The company partnered with Key Performance Ideas and the team approached the initiative through three key areas: People, Process and Technology.

People: In order to clearly define the requirements for an upgraded Hyperion Planning solution, the company and Key Performance Ideas interviewed Controllers and Financial Analysts to provide both a strategic and tactical perspective. Candidates included global cross-business unit, corporate and regional users. They focused on key requirements across performance metrics, communications and process, organization, and technology. Key Performance Ideas helped the company prioritize over 20 opportunities identified as areas of improvement, including how best to manage change and deliver in-project quick wins to promote early user acceptance and implementation success.

Process: During the interview process, it became evident that a major objective of the initiative would be to fix current system performance delays created through processes that evolved organically versus strategically. The top four opportunities included:

  • Reduce dimensions and level of forecast granularity
  • Automate running of business rules
  • Develop multi-currency data entry
  • Identify long-term solution for supporting details toolbar

Technology: This company also found the performance of the planning solution to deteriorate over time due to growth. In fact, cube restructure took over 15 hours, forms were brutally slow, and loading external data, such as Human Resource (HR), was manually intensive. After engaging Key Performance Ideas and upgrading their planning environment, the company improved performance across several areas (see PDF for details).

Benefits Achieved
This company teamed with Key Performance Ideas on their initiative to innovate their planning and forecasting solution. After interviews with users and prioritizing results, the company upgraded their Hyperion Planning system and achieved the following benefits across their people, process and technology:

  • Aligned their processes with strategic objectives
  • Reduced forecast and close cycle time
  • Implemented best practice processes and a platform to support continued growth and
  • global expansion

Furthermore, with a well-architected system delivered by Key Performance Ideas, the company has improved system performance:

  • Data Input Time by 600%
  • Calculations by 3,000%
  • Business Rules by 12,000%
  • Aggregating Actuals by 21,600%
  • Toggling Time in Data Input Form by 3,000%
  • Outline Refresh by 60,000%

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