Hyperion Enterprise is a prepackaged application for midsize organizations that helps financial managers improve financial consolidation and reporting efficiency while enabling line managers to quickly identify key trends and variances in order to make better, faster decisions. However, in January 2012, Oracle issued a Lifetime Support Policy that provided a change in availability and licensing of the application, including Hyperion Enterprise Reporting, and its related products and components.  Those that are current users of Hyperion Enterprise should note that the application is now placed on controlled availability and additional sales of these modules are now restricted. Support for these products will follow the published Oracle Lifetime Support Policy guidelines where Premier Support for release will end in April 2013.

However, Sustaining Support will be available for as long as a company licenses its Oracle products.  This includes technical supports, as well as access to Oracle’s online support tool and knowledge bases. Key Performance Idea’s, a long-time Hyperion implementation consulting firm, can help you assess any impact this may have on your current implementation, as well as help you plan future decisions related to the use of Oracle products for financial and regulatory reporting.

For additional information on the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy and the services offered under the Premier and Sustaining Support stages, please click here.

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