Recently, we received a request for a list of MSAD users and groups in Shared Services. We thought this may be helpful to those that find the provision report to be limited and not producing the list you need/desire.

So, here is the answer:

We used a quick Mxl to come up with the list.
This is our bat file to call the mxl file

cd /D e:cyclesmaxl


This was our users.mxl file
login “$ESS_USERID” identified by “$ESS_PASSWD” on “$ESS_SERVER”;
set message level all;
spool on to “e:\cycles\data\users.txt”;

Display user in group;

spool off;

It’s not super pretty…but you will have the list of users in the groups.

Also, if you need to increase the width of the output columns because if some names are long they may get truncated.

You can insert the following statement at the top of your script:
set column_width 100; (use the width that works for you, 100 characters s/b plenty)

Hope this helps!

– Blog by Cindy Sabourin and Ed Apuy of Key Performance Ideas

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