Adding a Variance commentary to an Actual vs Budget report is fairly common and simple request.  Hyperion Planning has made a lot of improvements in handling text data types and adding text commentary.  Users have many different options to add commentary to their Hyperion Planning data.  However, most Hyperion planning architectures will combine both Hyperion Planning component as well as an ASO reporting component.  ASO cubes do not handle text data as well as Hyperion Planning applications, so adding an ASO cube into the mix complicates things.

An easy way to add variance commentary to a report using an ASO cube is to leverage the annotation capability in Workspace and annotation function in financial reports.  This will provide an easy way to add variance commentary to a financial report run in Workspace.   The steps below walks through the process of adding a comment in workspace, adding the annotation function in financial reporting, and displaying the comments in a report.

1. Add a text column to a Hyperion Financial report.

2. In the new text column, add the cell text function “Annotation”.

Below is an example <>. The reporting studio user guide walks through the different parameters available.

The example above is going to produce only comments for column K in Grid1 and the current row.

3. The report is now ready to display comments. Before running the report, make sure to have the Show annotations checked in View -> Show annotations menu.

4. Run the reporting in workspace and add an annotation to the column referenced in the annotation function. In our case this will be column K. Adding a annotation is done by right clicking on the column and selecting new annotation. This will pop up the screen below:

5. Once the comment has been saved, it should appear on the report as a separate column.

Using the annotations and the annotation function out of financial reports, we were easily able to add variance commentary to a financial report sourced from an ASO cube.

By Jayjay Gutierrez of Key Performance Ideas

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