Everyone occasionally will run into issues deploying an application.  Troubleshooting a deployment issue will generally entail a review of the EPMA logs, application logs, running the diagnostics routine, etc., etc.

Every once in a while, however, you may run into an issue where an application disappears altogether from the EPMA Application Library. What just happened?

The application became “orphaned”, which means that it was removed from the Application Library, but not from the EPMA Dimension Server.

What can I do to resolve to this? I want my app back!

EPMA now comes packed with a nifty utility that allows you to view those “orphaned” applications and restore them back to the Application Library or delete them altogether.

Viewing Orphaned Applications

To view orphaned applications:

1. In the Application Library, select View, and then Orphaned Applications.

2. If orphaned applications are displayed, select a solution: Resolve or Delete.

You can use the “Choose Option” column to resolve the orphaned application problem or delete the application.

Resolve – Brings the application back into the Application Library. When the orphaned application is brought back, it is in a “Not Deployed” state. In some cases, this state can cause inconsistencies with the Dimension Server. However, because you can view the application, you can resolve any inconsistencies by running application diagnostics. 

Delete – Removes the application from the Dimension Server.

3. Click Apply.
4. After resolving the problem, click Cancel to close the dialog box.



Blog by Ed Apuy, Key Performance Ideas

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