Prior to partnering with Key Performance Ideas, Diono struggled with an inability to consistently pull data from their SAP General Ledger in a timely manner. In fact, all users had to manually enter and add links within MS Excel on a regular basis. Diono realized they required a single repository to meet their planning, reporting and forecasting needs, including typical monthly financial reporting, as well as sales forecasting at product and customer level, and operational forecasting at the entity and cost center level.

Diono selected Key Performance Ideas as their implementation partner for Oracle® Planning and BudgetingCloud Services ™ (PBCS), a cloud based reporting and forecasting application. The solution implemented consists of a single Planning application with the appropriate dimensionality and functionality necessary to improve financial, sales and operations planning and reporting requirements. The solution facilitates sharing and managing of all financial data and provides additional levels of detail to satisfy the appropriate level of budget and reporting requirements by Entity, Cost Center, Customer , Product Type and Item (SKU).
Key Performance Ideas also supported the implementation of Smart View and Financial Reports, both included in PBCS, to provide users with instant data in familiar format for reporting and analytic needs. Additionally, the Data Management module is leveraged to allow for mapping of SAP data and automated nightly loads direct from the General Ledger.

By partnering with Key Performance Ideas and implementing PBCS, Diono has significantly enhanced their planning processes. Not only did Diono streamline and standardize their financial budgeting, forecasting and reporting process, with the implementation of a sales plan, Diono can complete sales forecasting by customer level by item and price. Additionally, Diono has established consistency across the company as users now utilize the same reports, planning methodologies, and technology. Overall, PBCS and Key Performance Ideas has:

  • Helped Diono eliminate spreadsheet challenges, including disorganized and disarray files and links
  • Allowed Diono to automate reporting with direct daily feeds from their General Ledger (SAP)
  • Provided Diono with unit level global market forecasting

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Key Performance Ideas (KPI) is pleased to announce that Accelalpha has acquired us.

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