When creating or reestablishing a connection in SmartView 11.1.2, a big frustration can be the refresh that takes place once the user selects “Reuse sheet contents and POV”.


All the data the user inputted into his or her spreadsheet after selecting this option is replaced with the data stored in Hyperion.  

A good work around to avoid refreshing the data that has been modified is to use equals (=). The user will need to input data beginning with an equals sign.

For example instead of having the cell set to the data value “10”, use “=10” instead. Why does this work? Because SmartView will keep formulas on retrieval and therefore the modified cell data is not blown out by automatic refresh that occurs.

Users may respond with: “I have hundreds of data cells I update, this solution of updating individual cells is not ideal”. 

No problem.

Have the user set up input tabs and load tabs in excel. On the input tab, the user will update the cells as normal, whether they manually update or copy and paste in data, and the input tab will be referenced on the load tab. Users will still have formulas on the load tab and will not have to update for leading equals signs every month.

Blog by Juliana Harding, Key Performance Ideas

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