If you’re thinking of purchasing Oracle’s Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service or migrating your existing Hyperion environment to the cloud, here are ten reasons why we see our clients making this shift:

#1 Simple Migration/Implementation – Key Performance Ideas can provide you a Reporting and Forecasting application in weeks that meets your business needs.  If you already have Hyperion Planning today we offer a quick migration program that will allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of the cloud.

#2 No Infrastructure Investment – With Oracle’s PBCS there are no servers, databases or operating systems that you have to buy.  All the hardware is already in place for you.  If you’re considering migrating to PBCS you can re-purpose your existing servers for other areas of the business.

#3 Expense versus Capitalize – PBCS is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, meaning it’s a subscription, as opposed to buying a license and amortizing the cost.  Because PBCS is in the cloud, there are no hardware costs so you also save on depreciation of servers.  With PBCS treated as an operating expense, it becomes tax deductible as it reduces your bottom line.

#4 All the Power of Planning…and then some – Not only do you get the world’s leading Forecasting and Reporting solution used by over 4,000 organizations worldwide but you also get Financial Data Management for all data integration and mapping needs, plus Reporting as well as Online Guides and Training Videos to walk you through every aspect of the application.

#5 No More Upgrades – PBCS allows you to pick the date and time for all patches and upgrades that best suits your needs.  No more trying to stay current with all the Spreadsheet and Browsers out there.  PBCS will apply those patches for you automatically.

#6 The Cloud is the Future – Like Web Based applications were 20 years ago, the same shift is happening with the cloud.  Everything you do from social media, web mail, online banking, shopping is all cloud technology.  And with its mobile capabilities, PBCS allows you to access your information on the go.

#7 Disaster Recovery & Backups – The Oracle Data Center provides you with automatic backups of your application every night, at a time defined by you.  If you ever want to restore something from the previous day, administrators have direct access to pull things back.  You can also save snapshots at any point in time of your application.

#8 Financial Reporting & Analytics – The reporting capabilities include all the tools that clients who have used Hyperion have grown to love.  It includes Financial Reporting for production quality reports, book distribution and schedule batch bursting, plus Smart View for the MS Office suite which allows direct ad-hoc access to the application through Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

#9 Eliminate Annual Maintenance – PBCS pricing is all in one.  There’s no longer an annual maintenance fee incurred every year.

#10 Administration Support – KPI recognizes finding administrators for this technology can sometimes be hard given everyone’s busy schedule.  That’s why we offer our S.M.A.R.T. (System Monitoring and Remote Troubleshooting) team that can be used to complement existing administrators during busy times, or act as your full-time administrator freeing your team up completely.  You’ll get a named resource and a backup, each with an average of 10+ years’ experience supporting your application.  With flexible pricing schedules and terms KPI works to make the process as easy and effective.

If you have interest in learning more about Oracle’s Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service or the services Key Performance Ideas offers please contact us today.

Blog by Scott Costello, Director of Cloud Services and Emerging Technologies, Key Performance Ideas 


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