A Strange thing happened a couple of months back at one of my clients. I was not able to edit the Outline in Planning. The app is a Classic Planning App, and is on Hyperion version. They have EPMA installed, but use Classic Planning. I was stumped. With Diego’s help, it was resolved by setting the EDIT_DIM_ENABLED, Planning App Property, to true. Initially, I thought somebody wanted to lock the application Outline on purpose. When this flag as set to false, the Application disappeared from Classic Planning Administration screen and the Edit buttons in the Planning Web were also missing. By setting the flag to true, we were able to see it back in Classic Planning Administration screen and the Edit buttons in the Planning Web, reappeared. Problem solved, or at least I thought so.

Image 1: Application Properties. (Image after setting the property to true)

Image 2: Edit Buttons. (Image after the flag is set to true. And services restarted. Buttons are visible)

Again, last month, the same thing happened. This time I was prepared and resolved the issue by setting the flag to true, and restarting the Planning Web Service. However, I was curious as to what or how or who was setting this flag. I called the regular users at the client to find out if they were doing this for a reason. They all confirmed that they were not setting this flag. This got me to think a little bit deeper. I did some research on what all I did that day, as I was also on the system extracting the Outline. I hypothesized that my extraction of the Outline somehow set this flag to false and locked the Outline and I wanted to prove I was correct. So, I extracted the Outline again. (I need to add a little more information on the way I was extracting the Outline and why I was doing that.)  I was comparing the Applications in Prod and Dev, as I wanted to keep them in Sync, at least from Outline perspective. As the App was in Classic Planning mode and version, I tried the OutlineLoad utility with the /E option. It did not work as this particular feature was not implemented in this version. So, I was using EPMA File Generator tool, as EPMA was installed, but not used.

EPMA File Generator tool says it can extract the Outline from Classic Planning App, as well as EPMA App. So, I was using the Planning Extractor component and was able to extract the file in ADS format, which addressed my needs. And here lies the issue with EPMA File generator: As soon as I extracted the Outline, the Edit buttons in Planning were missing and the EDIT_DIM_ENABLED flag was set to false. I realized that the EPMA File Generator when run on Classic Planning App, was sort of setting the App to appear like an EPMA App. That was why it was missing in the Classic Planning Administration, and Edit buttons were missing in the Mange Dimension screen of the Planning Web. By resetting the flag and restarting the Planning Web Services, the application went back to its Classic Planning behavior. I verified that the App is reflected in the Classic Planning Administration and not in Application Library (EPMA).

I could not find much information on this flag in the Admin Docs. However, I found information on the usual Hyperion Forums, confirming the exact same situation and behavior.

By Sairam Gangeddula of Key Performance Ideas


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Accelalpha + Key Performance Ideas

Key Performance Ideas (KPI) is pleased to announce that Accelalpha has acquired us.

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