SP Plus Corporation (SP+) is a diverse provider of professional parking, ground transportation, facility maintenance, security and event logistics services to real estate owners and managers in a wide array of markets. They are operations specialists who link innovation with exceptional market-based expertise in each of their service lines. With nine operating groups – each focusing exclusively on a single market – they are experts at understanding the specific needs and idiosyncrasies of those markets, and have the depth of experienced personnel and financial resources to satisfy them.


SP+ traces its business roots back to 1929, in Chicago, where it was operated as a family owned and controlled business. After years of growth, both organically and through several mergers and acquisitions, including an October 2012 acquisition of Central Parking, the company employs over 24,000 professionals across 4,200 locations.

SP+’s growth led the company to sunset a legacy planning solution and implement a standard world-class financial planning and reporting system across the entire organization. Critical to the success of the implementation however was the need to replicate current planning processes, as well as give users the ability to plan, forecast and report at multiple fiscal calendars for SP+’s clients. They chose Oracle® Hyperion Planning™ and Essbase™ and selected Key Performance Ideas as their implementation partner.


Through years of successful growth, the company’s planning and forecasting processes were as-needed and therefore, it was necessary for new technology to replicate current procedures. To do so, Key Performance Ideas first reviewed and defined current planning process. These definitions were then applied to the implementation of Hyperion Planning and Essbase. Additionally, Key Performance Ideas integrated data from two General Ledger systems and helped SP+ leverage two key modules within the Hyperion Planning suite: Workforce Planning™ and Capital Asset Planning (CapEx)™.

Furthermore, a unique element of the overall solution was the ability to allow users to plan, forecast and report at multiple fiscal calendars. Key Performance Ideas created a single initialization web form in Hyperion Planning that allows users to setup the appropriate plan and forecast periods at an entity level. Users can simply save after a calculation runs and forms are automatically adjusted to the fiscal calendar selected, allowing users to drive their own planning periods. This solution also drastically reduced the amount of maintenance previously required on the system administrator.

Benefits Achieved

While new technology was adapted to secure on-going growth for SP+, a key to the successful implementation was Key Performance Ideas’ ability to leverage technology in order to standardize as-is processes across the organization, including a recent major acquisition. Today, 600 users across 4,200 locations have an improved system for both financial planning and reporting.

Furthermore, SP+ now has the ability to plan across multiple fiscal years and report to clients from a single application, providing great value and meeting the demands of SP+ and their clients.

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