ASO is the standard for analytical cubes. Therefore, an understanding of MDX (Multidimensional Expressions) is necessary to maintain outlines and maximize the capabilities of your ASO cube. However, MDX is unlike any other programming language and therefore may be difficult, and sometimes, daunting.

This webinar focuses on the syntax of MDX and common functions, as well as more advanced topics such as nesting and combining functions to achieve more complex calculations. Watch and learn how your organization can provide more value-added formulas to help drive great business decision making.

Jennifer Hanks, a seasoned Finance, Accounting, and IT professional:

  • Starts with the basics of MDX and cover syntax, types of functions, popular functions, comparisons with BSO formula (where applicable), and provide a brief overview of conversion of BSO to ASO
  • Provides examples of straightforward formulas to illustrate the fundamentals of MDX
  • Shares a framework for building formulas and troubleshooting techniques when expected results are not achieved
  • Presents a real-world example of trend analysis and conditional functions to showcase how MDX has helped one company use Essbase to enhance and streamline reporting, including trend analysis, salary projects, and turnover analysis


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