Exporting Oracle Hyperion Planning’s Supporting Details ( using LCM and viewing with MS Excel 2010

I was recently asked to produce a file with Planning’s Supporting Details and after doing so, we found that Excel displayed the results in a useful form.

Here are the steps we followed:

1) Logon to the Shared Services Console.

2) Expand the Application Groups and then expand the Planning item.  Click on the desired Planning Application.

3) Expand Relational Data and then Right Click on Supporting Details.  Click on Export for Edit.


4) Choose either Save or Save As and select the location and name for the file.

5) Exit Shared Services.

6) Open MS Excel

7) Select File and then Open.  Select XML files as the file type on the right side, navigate to the file’s location and click on the file.


8) When prompted with the Open XML popup, select “As an XML table” and Click OK.

9) Allow Excel to create the schema by clicking OK.


10) Excel will open the file in a fairly readable format:

By Matt Offutt of Key Performance Ideas


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