Account Reconciliation Manager™ (ARM) helps companies reduce risk by providing real-time visibility and ensures accuracy in reconciliations. It is a module included within Oracle® Hyperion Financial Close Management Suite™ that improves data access, data quality and eases regulatory compliance.

View this webinar, presented by Cullen Caballero, and learn how companies are optimizing performance by automating reconciliation tasks and supporting risk-based reconciliation cycles. Cullen shares how the centralized, application-based storage and reporting capabilities of ARM allows companies to manage guided workflows in every step of the close calendar.

Plus, hear how ARM:

  • Enables a balanced integration appropriate for reconciliation by using capabilities using of Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition™ (FDMEE)
  • Provides mapping features to summarize the lowest level balances
  • Offers efficiencies in the reconciliation process with flexible auto- and multi-currency routines
  • Includes easy to use features for maintaining reconciliation assignments, including mass update and import capabilities
  • Delivers activity monitoring status, process aging, global and local performance metrics, and compliance metrics through web based dashboards

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