The classic method of building Essbase, Hyperion Planning, and Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) applications can be unwieldly. How is your process for building hierarchies? Is it time consuming and difficult to maintain? Enterprise Performance Management Architect (EPMA) is an innovative tool, included in the Oracle EPM Suite, designed to ease the burden of managing data and metadata.

A session at Collaborate 16 in May, Deanna Sunde, an Oracle ACE Associate, presents her session via webinar! Deanna shares:

  • Reasons for using EPMA vs Classic mode along with the pros and cons and design considerations
  • An EPMA demonstration, including the shared library and local library along with how to share dimensions across Essbase BSO and Essbase ASO, Hyperion Planning, and HFM applications
  • The setup needed to support these applications and how to exclude portions of a dimension

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