Are you new to EPBCS or PBCS? Are you coming from an on premise solution? Whether you’re a new or just have only used the classic interface, the simplified interface has been updated significantly since it was first release. The latest changes have made the simplified interface even easier to use and this walk through will help moving to the simplified interface easy.

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Home Screen

The home screen is the first screen you will see once you log on to the simplified interface. The home screen has been cleaned up quite a bit since the early version. For me, the look and feel is similar to the classic interface in that you have quick access to recently accessed links, forms, reports and administrative task.

Quick Links

On the homepage, users will get access to any tasks assigned to them and have to ability to go directly to the task right from the homepage. The recent tab is also a nice feature to quickly access forms and reports that you have just recently used. Favorites will allow you to select recently used forms and reports and mark them as favorites for convenient access.

Navigator Cards

Users will be able to directly access task lists, dashboards, forms, reports, training, and Calc manager rules directly from the Home page with the use of Navigator cards. These are the default cards available for use. Administrators will have the ability to change what cards users can see by editing the navigation flow and assign access to it through security.


Data forms are accessed with the Data card. The forms are organized into folders just like they were in the Classic interface. Users will have the ability to access form and administrators’ will be able to assign security to forms through this card. Also note, when you open a navigator card your screen will open up to that Navigator card but also notice the top of the screen changes to give you access to just those cards in that navigation flow.


Financial reports are accessed with the Reports card. When the simplified interface first was released, reports were organized in a flat view. Since then, the simplified interface has been updated to organize reports in folders. This update has made finding and navigating through reports much easier.


The simplified interface has made training easier to find and access. Using the Academy card, both end users and administrators will have access to videos and documentation.

Setting and Actions

The setting and actions drop down is key to accessing tools and information about the current version of the simplified interface. Users will be able to download all the tools they need to support PBCS like, Smart View, EPM automate, Predictive Planning, Financial Reporting Studio, and the Planning Admin Extension.


The Navigator drop down is where you will find most of the administrative tasks in PBCS. Here you will be able to assign security, refresh an application, update data form, or write a new calculation manager script.

The simplified interface in PBCS has been enhanced and updated in the past few release and it will continue to be updated. Most new folks new to PBCS will only know the simplified interface and I think that could be a good thing. The simplified interface gives PBCS a much needed modern application look and feel. I recommended that users and administrators start using the simplified interface as it will make most parts of PBCS much easier to use.

Blog post by Jayjay Gutierrez of Key Performance Ideas.

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