Would you like to know how many people signed into your application each day or over the last five days? How about finding which users spend the most time or the least time in the application? Maybe you would like to know which calc script takes the longest time to run? All these questions can be answered in the Activity Report, a new feature that Oracle released in September.

Activity Report is generated daily and helps Service Administrators understand application usage over a period of sixty days. These reports are perfect for keeping track of your application’s strengths and weaknesses.

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To access Activity Report. Click Application, then Overview, and then Activity Reports tab.

The first column tells you the date and time that the report was generated each day. The second column allows you to view the Activity Report. Click View on any of the reports.

The first information on the Activity Report is on “Number of Users” who signed into the application each day. Also, information on usage duration and how many users over the last seven or 30 days.

The next piece of information is on “Percentage of UI Requests over 10 Seconds”. A UI request can be anything that the users do within the application, i.e., loading forms, editing or saving forms, loading folders, doing ad-hoc saving or refreshing a grid, or editing and validating rules.

There’s also information on “Top 7 Users Interface Requests by Duration”. The table below will give you more detailed information on each of the UI requests. It has information on the name of UI request, the time it takes for the UI request, and how many times it’s being executed.

The next section will give you information on the “Top 30 Worst Performing User Interface Actions over 10 Seconds”. In this table, it tells you how long the UI action took, the user that did the action, the screen the user was on, and more details on the action.

Scrolling down more, you’ll see information on “Number of Users by Hour” and “Number of Users by Usage Duration” in a bar graph.

Below, there is a table that tells you which user spends the most or the least time in the application.

There is also information on calc scripts. The “Top 10 Calc Scripts by Duration” table tells you the calc scripts that took the longest time to run. The table lists the name of the calc script, how many times it’s being executed and the duration.

And, the last piece of information on the report tells you how many people are using which type of browser.

Click Close to exit the report.

And lastly, let’s take a quick look on the daily access logs feature that just came out in December. Click Download and the log is in a CSV file. Access logs will list daily user activity, which provides detailed information on the resources that users accessed, duration of user activity, the IP addresses, and the action that users performed in the service.

Blog post by Jenny Wang of Key Performance Ideas.

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