Are you facing challenges with data integrity? Are you concerned that data may be going into the wrong intersection? Valid Intersections will allow you apply cross dimensional security and ensure your data is in the correct intersection. This feature will prevent users from entering data where data should not exist. However, this feature is only available in the simplified interface.

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How to Setup Valid Intersections

Go into the PBCS application and launch the Simplified Interface. Then, navigate to Application -> Setup.

To create a new valid intersections rule click on Create.

Enter a name for your valid intersection and select an Anchor Dimension. The anchor dimension is always a required dimension in the cube that is used when evaluating the rule. I will be selecting Entity as my anchor dimension.

Once you define your anchor dimension, you can add additional dimensions to your valid intersection rule. In this example, I added the department dimension. Then, you will start adding your rules.

For my valid intersections rules, I added two rules. I have Paraguay as my Entity and Management & Advertising as my department. This mean that for my Paraguay entity only Management and Advertising department are valid intersections. All the other departments are invalid intersections.

You can also Add Exclusion where you can exclude members from your list.

In addition, you have the option to turn on/off for Unselected members are valid. By default, the option is turned on, but you can always deselect to make unselected members invalid.

After you have your rules setup, make sure you enable the rule by making sure the checkmark is green. Once you enable the rule, you are finished setting up your valid intersections.

Validate Valid Intersections

I created a form to demonstrate how to validate this intersection example. Here is a form where I have not enabled my valid intersections. As you can see, all of the intersections are editable.

After I enabled my valid intersections, I can see that my defined valid intersections are editable, but all the other intersections are invalid. For example, I have defined the Paraguay entity valid for Management and Advertising department, but the rest of the department is invalid. You can see Market research, Product Planning, and Product_Group are invalid.

Blog Post by Steven Wang of Key Performance Ideas.

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Key Performance Ideas (KPI) is pleased to announce that Accelalpha has acquired us.

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