Already utilizing the Oracle Cloud EPM Automate utility to automate processes for data loading, launching business rules, and refreshing the database? If so, are you interested in an efficient means of monitoring your automated tasks and receiving updates as to whether or not those tasks were successful?

Great news! You can use the built-in email notification capabilities of Planning to receive updates pertaining to nearly all of your automated jobs. It is easy to setup this functionality and integrate it into your automated processes. Save time by reducing the frequency of logging into your environment and checking job statuses. Now you can receive alerts throughout the key steps of your automation cycle!

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Email notifications can be enabled within PBCS to submit to the PBCS admin following a variety of Planning job tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Business Rule launch
  • Import Data/Metadata
  • Export Data/Metadata
  • Cube Refresh

The email notification will indicate the success/failure of the particular job task and also provide some additional detail (that can be useful in troubleshooting if need be).

Let’s take a look at how we would go about setting up these email notifications and use them for our job processes.

Setting Up Email Notifications

You will find it only takes a few steps to access the screen for setting up email notifications in PBCS. First, login to PBCS. You will likely see the Simplified UI similar to:

Click on “Application”, and then “Settings”:

From here you will see the “Application Settings” screen. Go to the “Notifications” section and input the email address of interest. In our particular walkthrough, assume I am the system admin and I would like to receive the email notifications, so I would enter my email address “nneal”:

Notice I have the option to receive email notifications for Task List, Approvals, and Job Console activity. In our walkthrough, it is important that the “Job Console” option be checked, as Job Console allows you to monitor the aforementioned job tasks that we would use in our automation (i.e., database refresh, business rule launch, etc.)

And that’s it! I am all setup to start receiving email notifications from my Planning application in the cloud.

Receiving Email Notifications for Planning Jobs Run through Job Console

Now that we have enabled the ability to receive email notifications through PBCS, we can test the functionality by running a job task through the PBCS Job Console.

Let’s do this by running a cube refresh. Begin by accessing the Job Console by going to “Application” à “Overview”:

Next, go to “Actions” à “Refresh Database” on the right-hand side:

You will be prompted to this screen:

Click “Create” and “Save as Job” to make a new refresh job. We’ll call our job “RefreshCube”.

You will see the job on the “Refresh Database” screen:

Let’s go ahead and run this particular job right now through the Job Console. Click the “Jobs” button at the top of the screen:

Go ahead and click the “Schedule Jobs” button on the right-hand side:

You will be prompted to a screen the “Schedule Job” screen. Click “Refresh Database” and “Run Now”, then “Next”:

On the next screen we can identify our particular refresh job and select it:

On the last screen, we can review our selections and click “Finish” to launch the job task:

On the next screen we can visualize the job task processing and (hopefully) completion:

If I click the “RefreshCube” job name I can see additional detail:

But I should also have received the same detail through an email notification, because I enabled those earlier:

Additionally, the email notification informs me of how long it took for the job task to run (i.e., via “Start Time” and “End Time” – we can tell less than a minute).

Useful stuff! You can see that because I received the email notification, there was no need for me to check the job status through the PBCS Job Console.

Blog post by Noah Neal of Key Performance Ideas.

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