Have you ever had issues with clearing data in an ASO cube on a PBCS environment? Previously, there was not a way to automate the process of clearing data in an ASO cube. But now, with “Clear Cube”, you can clear data in many different ways in an ASO cube. You can now schedule to clear all data, clear all aggregations data, or clear partial data. This is very useful when you want to only clear certain pieces of the database in an ASO cube.

Why use Clear Cube? 

Clear Cube allows you create a clear data job where you can reuse it for automation. For example, when you want to clear out the monthly data before loading actuals, you can create a partial clear data job and use substitution variables to control which month you want to clear out.

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How to setup Clear Cube?

First, you need to create a Clear Cube job. To create a Clear Cube job, go to “Overview” and click on “Actions” button.

In the drop down, select “Clear Cube”.

This screenshot displays the Clear Cube job that I created. To create a new Clear Cube job, click on “Create”.

Enter a name for the job and select the ASO cube in your application.

Once you select the ASO cube, you should see the screenshot shown below.

Select “Partial Data” and “Logical”. Then, click on the member selector icon to select the intersections that you want to clear. Once you have your intersections selected, click “Save and Close” to save your job so you can reuse it later.

*As I mentioned earlier, you can used substitution variables in your partial data script. Here is an example of the script that I created using substitution variables.

I used two substitution variables in my script. The substation variables I used are “FcstMnth” which defines my forecast month and “FcstYr1” which defines my forecast year. By using substitution variables, I can use this job in my EPM Automate script.

Blog post by Steven Wang of Key Performance Ideas.

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