This company is a leading provider of aviation services to the worldwide commercial aerospace and government/defense industries. The company combines a close-to-the-customer business model with a broad menu of capabilities to help customers operate more efficiently, lower costs and maintain high levels of quality, safety and service. Since its founding in the early 1950’s, the company has grown through a series of acquisitions and organic growth, including three major acquisitions and three new aircraft maintenance facilities since 2010. An award winning leader, the company is a financially stable, dedicated partner with an enduring commitment to innovation, execution, continuous improvement and customer value.


After years of growth, the company’s on premise legacy budgeting and reporting solution began to show its age. Although built on Oracle’s® sophisticated Hyperion Planning™ and Enterprise™ technology, the company’s planning & forecasting and consolidations & close processes had evolved over time. Previously attempted band aid fixes to the solution became continually more difficult to maintain. Hyperion Planning was used to support a complex forecasting process that required a “rolling” set of forms for the administration team to maintain each month. From a reporting perspective, the use of Hyperion Enterprise became continually difficult to administer. The IT staff had to support very old and often unsupported versions of operating systems and Microsoft® Office. Additionally, the reporting hierarchies often changed with the many acquisitions that have ensued – all difficult to design and implement in Enterprise. Finally, since Hyperion Planning and Enterprise were built separately, custom integrations were developed by the company to assimilate forecasting and budgeting with reporting that could fail during critical periods of their financial processes.

The company realized it needed a streamlined design to consolidate their applications and tools into a single solution and reduce integration complexity, as well as take advantage of reevaluating and updating their planning processes to meet current and future business requirements. The company wanted a highly adaptable, standardized and lower cost of maintenance solution.


The company selected Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service™ (PBCS) to standardize their planning, forecasting and reporting into one piece of cloud software. The technology would allow them to retire old servers and operating systems, thus reducing IT maintenance and support costs.

The first, critical step to the implementation was a “lift and shift” of the legacy systems. Certain existing dimensions, calculations, reports were all moved over to reduce the cost of developing already existing proven logic. Once the legacy systems were migrated into PBCS, the company turned to the Oracle EPM Cloud leader, Key Performances Ideas. The detailed process review allowed the Key Performance Ideas’ consulting team to redesign and update the system to meet the needs of all business users.

The solution now provides the company with tools and technology it could not leverage previously, including:

  • Standard Excel interface for both creating budgets and forecasts and reporting actuals against them by using Smart View™; The previous architecture did not allow users to use Smart View for Planning and Retrieve for Enterprise simultaneously on a single instance of Excel
  • Central report distribution through PBCS Dashboards and/or Hyperion Financial Reporting™
  • A sophisticated EPM Automate™ process to support loading of metadata and monthly loading of actual data; Calculations that were previously batched in an external process are now made available in PBCS rulesets, which could be executed within the system

Benefits Achieved

After years of organic and procurement growth, the company needed a new Planning, Forecasting and Reporting solution that would meet the needs of their users, as well as reduce maintenance and IT costs. After selecting Oracle PBCS and partnering with Key Performance Ideas, the company has achieved significant benefits, including:

  • Calculations run in 15 seconds, vs. 20 minutes in the legacy system
  • Ability to obtain more detailed data to report at a more granular level
  • Improved visibility into the entire general ledger of 12,000 accounts, vs. only 2,000 in the legacy system
  • A single point of metadata maintenance in a multi-cube design to reduce resources and costs in the support of the entire system

The goal throughout the implementation was a lean, highly functional and scalable design. PBCS provides a modern Cloud solution which reduces maintenance and IT costs compared to the legacy system. It also set the company’s team up with a scalable design to accommodate future process changes, business complexities, and growth with easy integration.

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Accelalpha + Key Performance Ideas

Key Performance Ideas (KPI) is pleased to announce that Accelalpha has acquired us.

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