Do you have multiple Oracle EPM Cloud applications that require you to navigate between multiple URLs? Oracle recently released a new feature that allows users to navigate across Oracle EPM Cloud applications to create a unified business process flow. Now, users can experience a seamless experience when using Oracle EPM Cloud applications. However, this feature will only work on applications that are in the same domain with the same data center unless an identity provider is setup for SSO.

The following applications are currently supported within this feature:

  • Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud
  • Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud
  • Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud
  • Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud
  • Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud
  • Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud
  • Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud

How to Setup Business Process Navigation Flow?

First, you need to create a connection to the application. To create a connection, go to “Tools” and click on the “Connections” button.

In the right hand corner, click on the settings icon, select “Add Connection”.

Select the application for the connection.

Enter the following information and click “Validate”.

After validating the application, the “Application Name” should appear in the text box. Then, click “Save and Close”.

The connection will show up under “Manage Connections“.

Go back to the Navigator button. Look for a section called “My Connections” in the left hand corner. The connection should appear in the list.

After setting up the connection, there are several ways to link forms and other artifacts with the current application. You can add clusters and cards to the navigation flow. For example, I created a cluster called “EPBCS” and a card called “Exchange Rates”. Now, I can navigate to my EPBCS application by just clicking on “EPBCS” and “Exchange Rates”. This will launch the Exchange Rates form in EPBCS.

Overall, this feature enhances the end user experience by seamlessly navigating multiple applications in one pod.

Blog post by Steven Wang of Key Performance Ideas.

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