Would you like to be manage new capital investments using case-specific methods, proper cash flow planning, and buy versus lease comparisons? Would you like to improve the management of exiting asset-related expenses such as repairs and insurance? Are you able to plan new and existing intangibles, including amortization and cash flow planning in an accurate & efficient manner?

Watch a replay of our webinar as we take a look at the Capital Asset Planning module of Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS). We review how it provides overall capital expense spend analysis and review, including asset summary reports, actual versus plan variances, as well as the impact on the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow by asset class and business unit.

Our speaker showcases how the module can provide simplified implementation processes and reduced maintenance requirements while at the same time allow Finance to access the immediate impact of capital asset decisions on financial statements. Learn how you can leverage this module to achieve greater accuracy, predictability and accountability, as well as gain security over data and calculations. Specifically, we will review how to:

  • New Capital Investment: Create a framework to support depreciation and amortization calculation and asset-related expense planning for full P&L impact
  • Manage Existing Assets: Take advantage of automated processes for retirements, transfers and improvements
  • Intangibles: Use this module for new and existing, including impairments
  • Capital Expense Review: Leverage overall capital expense spend analysis for Finance to identify the effects of asset outcomes

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Accelalpha + Key Performance Ideas

Key Performance Ideas (KPI) is pleased to announce that Accelalpha has acquired us.

Accelalpha + Key Performance Ideas

Key Performance Ideas (KPI) is pleased to announce that Accelalpha has acquired us.

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