HomeStreet Bank is one of the largest community banks headquartered in Washington. HomeStreet began in 1921 as Continental Mortgage and Loan Company, initially offering financing for commercial real estate and home mortgages. HomeStreet evolved into a full-service bank in 1986, further expanding its products and services in 2000 to include business banking and lending. Today, HomeStreet offers consumer, commercial and private banking services, investment and insurance products and originates residential and commercial mortgages and construction loans for borrowers located in the Western United States and Hawaii.

In 2015, the company engaged Key Performance Ideas to leverage Oracle® Hyperion™ EPM technology to support ongoing growth and meet the demands of the CEO and Executive Management.


HomeStreet wanted to improve their reporting and analysis of revenue, expenses, allocations and headcount at the branch level. This included improving the speed at which results were retrieved, as well as refining how data was loaded and reducing overall complexities of their current system. Currently accomplished in Microsoft® Excel™ — multiple 50MB Cost Center and Branch Reporting Solution spreadsheet files — HomeStreet turned to the strategic partner, Key Performance Ideas, to build a new solution called the Net Revenue Contribution (NRC) Reporting Solution.


After implementing Oracle Hyperion Planning™ and its suite of applications, including Workforce Planning, and Oracle Essbase™, HomeStreet enhanced their investment and used Essbase as the underlying database to store and calculate metadata and data. Key Performance Ideas designed the reporting solution to focus on optimizing data capture tasks. Although the main reporting application utilizes Essbase Aggregate Storage (ASO) as the database, the reporting solution also contains all of the standard Hyperion Planning dimensions (Account, Period, Year, Entity/Cost Center, Version, and Scenario) to ensure ease of integration with the associated planning application. In addition, dimensions were developed for data input, calculation, and reporting. Key Performance Ideas built Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) member formulas within the ASO application allowing for the accurate calculation and consolidation/aggregation of the data. Additionally, data input, ad-hoc reporting and analysis are available via Smart View for MS Office and standardized reporting is available via Financial Reports in Workspace.

HomeStreet also invested in Oracle Data Integrator™ (ODI) to import data from source systems. This Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool provides final results to the reporting application where it is then aggregated.

Reporting Application Design

Benefits Achieved

Key Performance Ideas’ approach to the implementation was in two phases. The first phase consisted of building the application which included loading data from Excel spreadsheets and developing the first initial reports required by HomeStreet. The second phase focused on the ETL of the source systems’ data used to load the NRC Reporting Solution and development of the remaining reports. Not only did the use of Essbase ASO with ODI allow for the most scalability, the technology also provided the fastest possible data retrieval times, and introduced ODI for future ETL solutions. The approach resulted in quicker return-on-investment for HomeStreet Bank and allowed the users to gain access to the data and reports sooner. Overall, HomeStreet has:

  • Robust reporting to support NRC requirements
  • Pre-aggregated data for faster retrieval of ad-hoc analysis
  • A scalable solution to meet future growth of data and reporting requirements
  • Standard reports using Financial Reports to allow output to HTML, PDF and export to Excel
  • Standardized data conversion and loading using ODI

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