Ever have issues entering data for suppressed row members in a form? When designing the planning forms, administrators usually enable the form layout option to do suppress missing data on the rows; therefore, users will not be able to view or input data for the suppressed members. The new feature that was recently released by Oracle enable users to enter data in a Planning web form for members on rows that are currently suppressed.

How to Enable Data Entry for Suppressed Row Members in EPBCS or PBCS

In planning form design, administrators will need to enable the option “Enable drop-down for dimensions” in the Segment Properties. The following instructions will walk through how to enable this new feature so users can enter data for suppressed row members.

Begin by accessing the EPBCS or PBCS environment.

Access the “Navigator” and under “Create and Manage”, click on “Forms”.

Select the form and click edit. Click on the “Layout” tab.

Click on the “1” on the rows and go to the right side to find the form’s properties. The segment properties will display the different options for suppressions and how the form needs to be view. The last option is the “Enable drop-down for dimension”. Check the box next to this option to enable this feature on the form.

How to Input Data for Suppressed Row Members in EPBCS or PBCS

After “Enable drop-down for dimensions” has been enabled, users can directly select a member from the drop-down list on the row dimension in the form and input data.

Access the “Navigator” and click on “Data”.

Find the form that has the enabled drop-down for dimensions.

Let’s say we want to budget for utilities expense, but utilities expense member is suppressed due to no Actual activity. To do this, move the cursor to any member on the rows and a drop-down arrow will appear. Click on the drop-down arrow and a list of available members will appear.

The user can select a member and it will change the current member to the one that the user selected from the drop-down list.

Enter the data for the selected member and click on “Save” and the form will update with the selected suppressed member in the proper place in the form.

To conclude, this new feature in EPBCS or PBCS will allow administrators to easily enable the feature for users to input data for suppressed row members without writing any calculations to run behind the forms.

Blog post by Jenny Wang of Key Performance Ideas.

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