Do you manually manage kickouts every time when loading data into PBCS/EPBCS? What if you can automate kickouts to add into PBCS/EPBCS? Oracle released the feature of loading metadata using data management a while back. Using a similar approach and combined with EPM Automate, the monthly data load process will not fail due to new kickouts members. 

First, data management needs to be setup to allow metadata integration in the target application.

Select "Dimensions".

Select the planning application (Prefix is optional) and click OK.

This will generate six dimension target applications. These are Account, Entity, Scenario, Version, Custom, and Smart List.

Below is a sample data file for loading.

In column G, these members are the new projects in the Project dimension that will need to be added into PBCS/EPBCS. Column H is the Project Parent which specifies the parent for the new project members (Column G) and the alias (Column I). Column H is very important and needs to be added into the data file in order to handle the new project members.

Next, create an import format for the project dimension.

Then, create a location for the import format.

In Data Load Rule, add a new rule for the metadata load process.

In the Details section, click on Target Options. Input Dimension Name and Yes to Refresh Database.

Define the mappings for each property of the Project dimension.

Execute the data load rule. In Data Workbench, the parent, project member name, and the alias will display in the staging table. After the load completes, there should be a green checkmark next to the data load rule.

Now, navigate to the dimension editor and select the project dimension. The project dimension should have the new project members added.

To conclude, using this approach and combined with EPM Automate, the monthly load process will not have kickout issues. This setup will handle the new kickout members and then load the data into PBCS/EPBCS successfully.

Blog post by Jenny Wang of Key Performance Ideas.

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