In today’s economic climate, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) have become more than just ways to do simple reporting of past performance and simply replace spreadsheets to measure future forecast of your business; they have become a new way of thinking and behaving in order to guide the decision making with far greater precision and direction of your business.

Our depth and strategic experience in EPM and BI best practices were derived by not only leading hundreds of deployments, but from past roles in Finance, in a broad range of industries. We facilitate communication within organizations by serving as the bridge between Finance, IT, across all business functions and end users. These are the key components that make Key Performance Ideas a recognized thought leader and the right implementation partner for your next project. To complement our consulting services and remain fully engaged in your on-going business success, we also offer related Managed Services.

Our Consulting Services


Key Performance Ideas helps you determine the best course of action for your EPM and BI direction and will help you define the right steps to facilitate progress and maximize the value of your technology implementation. We guide your strategy by:

  • Highlighting the latest technology that promises to solve each of the issues outlined in your EPM & BI strategies.
  • Working closely and interactively with you to identity, analyze and document the business requirements. By thoroughly examining your existing processes and information, we expose areas that we can simplify, automate, modernize and streamline.
  • Helping you define and manage a realistic project plan. You can count on Key Performance Ideas to meet all objectives within your timeframe and budget. Simply put, your success is our business.
  • Providing world-class infrastructure planning and rollout no matter the size or nature of your implementation.


No matter the size of your project, our project managers know how to define a mutually beneficial and achievable project plan. This may include key objectives, the strategy and associated tasks, and the complete timeline with deadlines.Our full-service project management capabilities include defining the scope of work, detailing critical success factors and milestones, resource planning and scheduling as well as developing a detailed roll-out plan. Our simplified, best practices approach guarantees ease of project execution and exceptional project delivery.


It’s one thing to implement a new or enhanced application, but it is another thing to actually get all users excited about the changes. Key Performance Ideas develops and implements solutions that are optimized for your business, while assisting users in managing the changes that will occur with the new solution. Our process for change management helps ensure a seamless transition to a new way of using a particular application, or the introduction of a new application.


In some cases, a software solution on its own isn’t enough. As part of the Key Performance Ideas blueprint, we help you uncover areas of the business that require process re-engineering so that you can derive more value from your software. This may require new ways of thinking and new processes inside of the organization. Our methodology for process re-engineering includes collaboration with those involved in the processes so that they feel they have played a part in the design of the changes.


With over hundreds of successful EPM and BI implementations, we help our clients develop and implement technology to meet their business needs. Throughout the process, we complete Quality Assurance Reviews and Weekly Status Meetings to guarantee your solution provides the outcomes you require. And, with our 100% certified consultants, we can help you identify how to best leverage pre-built modules and customize your solution to make the most out of your technology investment. Additionally, during and after the implementation, we ensure that your staff thoroughly understands the corporate benefits of the application and best practices for use of the technology.

Accelalpha + Key Performance Ideas

Key Performance Ideas (KPI) is pleased to announce that Accelalpha has acquired us.

Accelalpha + Key Performance Ideas

Key Performance Ideas (KPI) is pleased to announce that Accelalpha has acquired us.

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