Onestream XF

OneStream Specialists

As an OneStream partner, KPI employs industry-renowned consultants with expertise designing and delivering a unified Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution that enables our clients to modernize their finance organization and streamline their reporting and planning processes.

Our technology expertise includes the following product features:

  • OneStream XF – A revolutionary technology built upon twenty years of market-leading solutions that deliver a simplified yet powerful solution that brings financial consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics and financial data quality into a single unified platform.
  • Extensible Dimensionality – Enables business units to report and plan at a lower level of granularity without impacting corporate standards
  • XF MarketPlace – Downloadable full feature solutions that allow customers to easily extend the value of their OneStream platform to quickly meet the changing needs of finance and operations
  • Guided Workflows – Provides ease of use by guiding end users thru simplified business processes and tasks
  • Integrated Financial Data Quality – Ensures confidence in financial and operating results
  • XF Office Blend – Powerful Office integration that immediately updates OneStream data into your favorite MS Office products

Financial Consolidation

OneStream XF platform provides a complete financial consolidation and reporting solution for the most complex organizations. OneStream is deployed via the cloud or on-premise and delivers a comprehensive list of features that is easier to own and maintain.

Purpose-Built Financial Aggregation Features:

  • Powerful IC Eliminations to automatically eliminate properly in every alternate hierarchy without complex rules
  • Node level adjustments allowing an adjustment to an entity only as it pertains to one specific hierarchical roll up
  • Accurate FX Calculations on all balance sheet accounts including movement/roll forward accounts for proper cash flow reporting and true currency translation by account
  • Manage Complex Ownership with our pre-built equity control functionality including proportional ownership, equity pickup and minority interest

Internal Controls Features:

  • Embedded data quality with guided workflows and complete audit controls to ensure accuracy and confidence

Cash Flow Management Features:

  • Identify and report on new cash flow and profitability sources by corporate, division, customer, product, region, or channel
  • Speed up implementation by importing OneStream certified cash flow dimension
  • Supports the collection of movements with guided forms process

Intercompany Eliminations Features:

  • No need for complex rules, consolidation nodes for eliminations will happen automatically at the first common parent
  • Instantly communicate with counterparties to resolve disputes in minutes
  • Each party simultaneously views local, counterparty and reporting currencies for timely and accurate eliminations with no alternate hierarchies needed
  • Visibility into base level adjustments and eliminations at the parent entity level

Financial Consolidation and Reporting Features:

  • Multi-entity, multi-currency and minority interest for true statutory consolidations
  • Alternate hierarchies for all flexible dimensions
  • Node level adjustments for true statutory reporting
  • Flexible organizational structures with varying ownership percentages
  • Base and top side journal entries
  • Powerful allocations
  • Excel Quick View drag, drop and pivot ad hoc reporting
  • Visibility into base level adjustments and eliminations at the parent entity level

Forecasting & Planning

OneStream XF platform provides the capability to have multiple solutions for actual, budget, forecast, plan and more living together in a single application. Each solution benefits from leveraging all that the platform offers. OneStream eliminates risky integrations, validations and reconciliations between multiple products, applications, and modules. OneStream is deployed via the cloud or on-premise and delivers a comprehensive list of features that is easier to own and maintain.

Extensible Dimensions

  • Extend and leverage dimensions, rules, logic and calculations from the model

Financial and Operational Driver-Based Planning

  • Leverage drive-based planning by allowing users to adjust business and operational assumptions that drive financial results
  • Gain visibility into how sales, production price, insurance or tax changes could affect profitability and cost

Transparency for Compliance and Control

  • Detailed audit trails along with process transparency document who changed what, where, and when to provide data quality confidence
  • Compare budget versions with easy change analysis and control

Powerful allocations without the risk

  • Allocation capabilities that allow mass allocations across multiple dimensions and currencies without the risk of allocation errors

What-If Scenario Modeling and Analysis

  • Flexible “What-If” scenario management
  • Change drivers and spread adjustments to visualize the impact on the entire budget
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