Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS) is a cloud-based solution that addresses the management and legal entity consolidation needs for a broad spectrum of customers.  Built after the successful launch of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS), Oracle’s fully integrated EPM Cloud for close and consolidations application provides significant out of the box functionality and built-in task orchestration for management of the overall close process.  And, by partnering with Key Performance Ideas, you can leverage our proven implementation methodology to quickly and successfully deploy FCCS and maximize the solution for your specific business needs.

Based on our success with PLANtastic, the complete implementation of enterprise planning solution based onPBCS, Key Performance Ideas has developed CLOSEtastic. CLOSEtastic is a comprehensive implementation of an enterprise close and consolidations solution based on Oracle FCCS.  Key Performance Ideas can develop a complete close solution and move you to a scalable, systematic application allowing Accounting to accelerate close cycles, increase analysis, and support legal, management, and statutory reporting. Furthermore, with managed services administration by our in-house administrators, the need to hire, train and retain specialized, full-time administrators is eliminated.

CLOSEtastic allows organizations to mature their processes while eliminating capital outlay and lowering operating costs to improve return-on-investment and speed to implementation. The benefits include:

  • Avoid the cost and effort associated with the procurement, deployment, configuration and support of hardware
  • Utilize on-shore, Oracle certified, remote application administrators to avoid the need to hire and train in-house personnel
  • Reduce operating costs and improve ROI and cash flow Leverage best practices and practical experience from KPI consultants who have implemented solutions for customers of diverse sizes and various industries
  • Delivery of a standard application with the option for adding features a-la-carte per your needs
  • Built-in currency conversion calculations and overrides
  • System documentation and User Acceptance Testing Scripts

Enjoy the benefits of FCCS via CLOSEtastic, including:

  • Simplified Tablet User Interface
  • Native Dashboarding and Analysis
  • Dynamic Out-of-Box Calculations with Limited Need for Customization (No Scripting)
  • Built-in Balance Sheet Movement Translations with FX / CTA Calculations
  • Simplified Consolidation Dimension for Easy Audit
  • Predefined Dimensions for Detailed Analysis
  • Automated Cash Flow
  • Automation/Lights Out Processing
  • Powerful Close Orchestration and Detail Data Collection
Accelalpha + Key Performance Ideas

Key Performance Ideas (KPI) is pleased to announce that Accelalpha has acquired us.

Accelalpha + Key Performance Ideas

Key Performance Ideas (KPI) is pleased to announce that Accelalpha has acquired us.

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