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Oracle Hyperion Planning in the Cloud

The application includes:

  • Revenue
  • COGS
  • OPEX
  • Employee type headcount planning
  • One year of Plan data
  • One year of Forecast data
  • Monthly actual data
  • Up to two years of actual data
  • Other P&L line entries
  • Balance Sheet
  • P&L report generation
  • Security
  • Design documentation
  • System documentation
  • Up to 5 automation routines
  • Up to 10 web input forms
  • Up to 10 financial reports
  • Up to 5 allocation calculations
  • UAT scripts

If you think your organization does not have the resources to implement Oracle® Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service™ (EPBCS), think again! PLANtastic™ is a comprehensive entry into the implementation of an enterprise planning solution, including implementation and on-going maintenance at a low monthly price. Key Performance Ideas can develop a complete, enterprise planning solution and move you from an Excel environment to a scalable, systematic solution. Oracle’s hosted environment, both production and development instances of the application, allows leadership to focus on using a planning system, versus building and maintaining one. Furthermore, with monthly Hyperion Application Administration by KPI’s S.M.A.R.T.™ program, the industry’s first onshore/remote administration only program, the need to hire, train and retain specialized, full-time administrators is eliminated.

PLANtastic allows organizations to mature their processes while reducing capital outlay and lowering operating costs to improve return-on-investment. Benefits include:

  • Move from an Excel focused environment to a scalable, systematic solution
  • Optimize your planning processes while reducing capital outlay
  • Avoid the cost and effort associated with the procurement, deployment, configuration and support of hardware
  • Utilize on-shore, Oracle certified, remote application administrators to avoid the need to hire and train in-house personnel
  • Reduce operating costs and improve ROI and cash flow

Our depth in strategic knowledge in planning, forecasting, and reporting was derived by not only leading hundreds of deployments, but from past roles in Finance, in a broad range of industries. Due to this experience and our ability to facilitate communication within organizations by serving as the bridge between Finance, IT and end users, we developed PLANtastic to meet your organization’s needs.


See how much one of our very successful clients values the S.M.A.R.T program. 

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Accelalpha + Key Performance Ideas

Key Performance Ideas (KPI) is pleased to announce that Accelalpha has acquired us.

Accelalpha + Key Performance Ideas

Key Performance Ideas (KPI) is pleased to announce that Accelalpha has acquired us.

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